Hailing from the scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Josiah is an avid kayaker with a deep love for all things whitewater. His journey into the world of paddling began back in 2010 when he first dipped his toes into the Ocoee River as a raft guide. Little did he know, this introduction to river life would spark an unending passion.

To Josiah, kayaking is an endless adventure. The rush of the water, the adrenaline-fueled challenges, and the harmonious dance between the kayak and the currents fuel a desire for lifelong progression in the sport. His approach to kayaking is influenced heavily by a pursuit of freestyle. The repetition and reflection needed for practicing modern playboating have created an appreciation for the “why” behind the “how”. This methodical study of kayaking has transferred to his journey through creeking, squirt boating, and racing.

Josiah’s love for kayaking stems not only from the sport itself, but also the environment and culture that surround it. Over the years, he has forged meaningful friendships with paddlers who have become his second family, all while falling in love with the rivers and creeks throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

These experiences, combined with a passion for teaching, have led Josiah to find a home at Ace Kayaking School. His dream is to share his experiences and growth in whitewater kayaking with our students. His favorite moments have been meeting previous students in the eddies of rivers where they now share the same journey. Through kayaking, his friends become his heroes, whitewater becomes magic, and it is all “for the love of it”.