I didn’t start Kayaking until my late 20’s. I spent my first year of kayaking mostly swimming my way down the Hiwassee before deciding I needed some help. That help came from Jeff West at Ace Kayaking. Once I learned to roll, the sky was the limit. I went off on my own for a couple years after those lessons with Jeff. We would cross paths quite often on the Ocoee. While sitting together in an Eddy one day, he invited me to join his group for a late Sunday fun lap. After our lap he asked a couple of us if we would like to make a trip over to the Green. That day at the Green was another turning point in my kayaking career. I had hiked in to watch the race before and thought that there was no possible way that I would ever have the skill set to safely paddle the Green River Narrows. I love being able to share with others what he shared with me.

I teach kayaking for my love of the sport and to give back what was given to me. As long as the Ocoee River flows, Ace will be here teaching people how to enjoy it.I would have never dreamed that one day I would have the pleasure of being able to teach kayaking for Ace. I get asked a lot why I enjoy teaching and this is the best answer I can put into words, “I want everyone to have the same life changing experience that kayaking gave me.”