beginning kayak instruction

Our beginner classes start off with an introduction to the gear, outfitting, and types of kayaks in the whitewater world. Then we move on to the lake and learn the strokes, posture, and balance control you will need. Once you are comfortable in your boat and we paddle a few miles of moving water we’ll then start challenging ourselves on two class I-II rapids. Here we will teach you the more technical side of paddling such as river running strategy, how to perform peel outs, eddy turns, and ferries. We finish the day front surfing waves and introducing you to the roll. This comprehensive one day course includes all gear and lasts for six hours. Plan a second day with us and we’ll pick up where we left off with rolling and then build up experience on a guided Class I-II river trip. Register for our five day course and we’ll aim for the Class III-IV Ocoee by day five!