Joseph (Joe) Gudger

Kayaking and the lifestyle that accompanies it have led me to see some of the most inspirational places and to meet some of the most inspirational people. It is hard to express in words exactly what has drawn me to the rivers so strongly, but I am thankful for that...

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Nick Fiedler

In1996 the summer Olympic Games were held in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. All of the whitewater events were held on this river a couple of hours away called the Ocoee. I’d been whitewater rafting there a few times and absolutely loved being outside on the water

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Brandon Beaty

I didn’t start Kayaking until my late 20’s. I spent my first year of kayaking mostly swimming my way down the Hiwassee before deciding I needed some help. That help came from Jeff West at Ace Kayaking

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Jen Maxwell

I LOVE Kayaking! I remember the first time I was in a boat, I got flipped upside down to “wet exit” and came up with a huge smile. I knew it was meant to be. I have been paddling for 6 years and every year I find something new I want to accomplish. In 2011, I decided...

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Morgan Wright

Four years ago a friend convinced me to go to Georgia State University's raft guide school. A few weeks later, I was offered a summer job working for a small rafting company on the Ocoee. By the end of my first summer, I had fallen in love with whitewater and couldn't...

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Jake Trotter

I started working on the Ocoee in 2009 as a raft guide and that is when I found my true passion for whitewater. I grew up interacting with water and learned early on to appreciate it. Fishing and tubing on the creek behind my house and the Hiwassee River with my family

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Kirk Eddlemon

My dad cultivated a deep respect and appreciation in me for wild places and adventure when I was just a boy, where we spent lots of time exploring the mountains and rivers of the world. In 2000 I started paddling whitewater regularly with a core group of like-minded friends. I’ve been a hopeless river-soul ever since

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