In1996 the summer Olympic Games were held in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. All of the whitewater events were held on this river a couple of hours away called the Ocoee. I’d been whitewater rafting there a few times and absolutely loved being outside on the water. I remember distinctly watching the kayakers and thinking it would be a whole lot easier to get out on the water if I could do it individually. I immediately went out and bought a used whitewater kayak from a raft guide. In the process I stumbled into a summer gig of guiding rafts on the Ocoee. After 5 years of guiding on the Ocoee, as I was graduating from college, the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to spend as much time on the water as possible. I began working as a full time paramedic/firefighter, both because the work seemed really meaningful and the schedule gave me enough time off to chase my whitewater dreams. After 15 years and more emergency calls than I care to remember, I finally made the leap and decided it was time to get out on the water full time. I’ve now been a raft guide and kayak instructor on the Gauley, New, Ocoee, and Chattooga rivers over the years. I’ve raced on the Green, Russell Fork, Tallulah, Gauley, and Ocoee rivers multiple times. I’ve self-supported the Grand Canyon, got married riverside on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, and become passionate about protecting all of our “natural playgrounds”. Kayaking has taken me coast to coast and internationally traveling, exploring, learning, and racing, with some of the most incredible people that I’m proud to paddle with and call friends. After 20+ years in the sport, I still look forward to every day on the water and am stoked to share the love.