Emily Deaton

Emily DeatonI have been addicted to kayaking since 1995. I kayaked for myself until 2006 when my friend, mentor, and former boss Jeff West allowed me the honor of working with him. This amazing opportunity changed my life forever. After learning the strict technique of guiding funyaks down the Middle section of the Ocoee River, I participated in an American Canoe Association (ACA) Whitewater Kayak Instruction Certification class. Quickly putting this new skill to work I found my passion for teaching to be equal to my passion for kayaking. And again, my life was changed! I am a mother of two amazing step-sons and two amazing sons of my own. Being the daughter of an Ocoee River Rafting company owner, this beautiful part of the country has always been my home. My family and myself are dedicated to outdoor fun and whitewater. Obviously having a love for children, I immensely enjoy having an avenue to work with kids on the water. Whitewater kayaking is such a demanding sport mentally and physically. I use the word “counterintuitive” often while teaching. So, being a part of that moment when one accomplishes a truly difficult goal is why I do what I do. The sport and the lifestyle that accompanies can be life changing and has been for more than I can count who have joined us in the whitewater endeavors here at Ace Kayaking. I and We love what we do.

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